GZL series high viscosity lubricating oil vacuum filter

GZL series high viscosity lubricating oil vacuum filter is used in machinery, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, railway and other fields to purify various high viscosity lubricating oil. It can quickly remove the water, impurities and volatile (such as ammonia) and other harmful components in the oil, improve the quality of the oil and restore its performance. The machine can be operated online, or it can be used for separate oil treatment by preheating oil tank to meet the various requirements of users for oil treatment.

GZL series high viscosity lubricating oil vacuum filter


Special oil pump is used to transport oil.

Unique degassing and dewatering system can quickly separate water and gas from oil.

The multi-stage filtration is classified step by step, with large pollution carrying capacity and long service life of the filter element, and equipped with automatic detection function of pollution degree of the filter element.

The heating system adopts optimal management design to ensure uniform heating and stable oil temperature.

Automatic thermostatic control system, automatic level control system, automatic defoaming control system, automatic pressure protection system and excellent configuration, to ensure the high-performance operation of the equipment.

Advanced automatic thermostatic control (automatic level control, automatic defoaming control, automatic pressure protection) system and excellent configuration ensure the high performance of the equipment.

Online oil filter, no one can run, the running state is shown by the indicator light.

This machine is humanized design, low noise, easy to operate, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption, saving running cost.

Filter element replacement index, filter element saturation shutdown device.

With leakage, overload load stop device, protection of the motor.

With phase sequence, lack of phase protection function, sudden stop security control.

Optional mode:

PLC intelligent control, touch screen operation and dynamic display are optional according to the needs of users.

Optional on-line moisture detector.

The whole machine structure can be made into mobile, fixed, trailer type (half shaft or double shaft).

Can be produced completely enclosed, cover eaves type, canvas, open type.

Optional water ring vacuum pump.

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