Function and use of mesh belt furnace

Usage: adopt pure hydrogen, ammonia decomposition or ammonia combustion gas as protective gas, ZYGW series continuous high temperature heat treatment mesh furnace

Suitable for sintering, brazing of powder metallurgy parts, quenching and solid solution treatment of some stainless steel parts.

Scope of application:

A. Sintering of powder metallurgy parts;

B. Brazing of cemented carbide tools and other components;

C. martensitic stainless steel hardware tools (or appliances), medical instruments, measuring tools quenching;

D, high chromium tool steel, high speed tool steel, matrix steel mold quenching; 5. Solid solution treatment of austenitic stainless steel and heat-resistant steel parts; Suitable for bearing, nail making and mechanical parts tempering after carburizing and quenching

RC type mesh belt type hot air circulation furnace

It can also be used for heating (surface treatment process) before blackening with a powerful fan to force air circulation to reach the same temperature in the furnace. Straight bar heating elements facilitate maintenance and replacement. The net belt runs steadily and stepless. RST series net belt powder metallurgy sintering furnace is continuous operation sintering production line. It is mainly used for forming iron base, copper base and other related powder metallurgy products

Continuous sintering process. Advanced control and remarkable energy saving. Workpiece conveying adopts high temperature resistant metal mesh belt stepless speed regulation. All heating zones adopt PID contactless automatic power control, multi-zone temperature control to protect the gas body, and adopt ammonia decomposition gas source with purification device. RSK series high-temperature net belt fast burning furnace USES: thick film circuit, thick film resistors and electronic components, electrode LTCC, steel heater, solar panels and other similar products of high temperature sintering, heat treatment characteristics: control of quick response and stable temperature uniformity, energy conservation, environmental protection and reliable, complete product series RSA series high temperature atmosphere mesh belt furnace USES: chip welding, metal packaging, HTCC, DBC, VFDS, PDP, car radiator, and other products of sealing under protective atmosphere, metallization, brazing, oxidation, annealing and other heat treatment process characteristics: Temperature and atmosphere are even and stable, energy saving and environmental protection is reliable, product series complete net belt sintering furnace net belt heating furnace net type heating furnace net adopts heating tube as heating element, transmission adopts worm gear reducer, chain drive, frequency conversion speed regulation, insulation adopts full fiber structure, the equipment performance is determined, simple operation.

A. Steel structure: the steel skeleton is welded by sections, steel plates, etc. The large plate of full fiber furnace lining hanging on the steel skeleton is lightweight and reliable. The steel structure of the furnace is lighter than that of the traditional firebrick furnace because of the use of the lining of the whole fiber plate structure.

B, lining: the whole fiber structure, selecting the current domestic new standard ceramic fiber blanket as furnace heat insulation material, the fiber carpet is a kind of man-made inorganic metal fibre material, use special equipment according to the size of a stove or furnace built into a folded piece of this kind of furnace lining has easy installation, short construction time. More than 40% energy saving than brick furnace lining. It has been proved that this new type of lightweight refractory fiber material has many advantages in industrial furnace: light weight, heat storage, small heat loss, good energy saving effect, long service life, good sealing performance of furnace body, easy maintenance and so on.


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