Fully automatic towerless water supply equipment

Full - automatic tower - free water supply equipment

Automatic tower-free water supply system can solve the problem of 24-hour high-pressure water supply for houses and factories without municipal water supply. Installed this system, the home water heater, kitchen treasure, automatic washing machine, building sitting and flushing can be used, the same as the living building water. Even Lao Wang next door used it, you know?

Fully automatic towerless water supply equipment

What is a towless water supply?

No tower water supply equipment, as the name suggests is actually used to replace the traditional water tower or reservoir with no negative pressure pressure tank, also known as variable frequency no negative pressure water supply equipment. The traditional way of water supply can not be separated from the reservoir, the water in the reservoir is generally supplied from the water pipe, so the pressure of the water into the pool into zero, causing a large amount of energy wasted. It can replace the reservoir, make full use of the tap water pipe network pressure direct or indirect water supply, avoid the secondary waste of energy and secondary pollution, greatly save the capital investment and shorten the construction period. Tower free water supply equipment is composed of intelligent variable frequency control cabinet, steady flow tank, water pump unit, instrument, valve and pipeline, base, etc., suitable for all water supply systems that need to increase water pressure and constant flow rate. No tower water supply is actually a variable frequency constant pressure water supply system.

The variable frequency constant-pressure water supply control system adjusts the output frequency through the measured pipe network pressure after the operation of the built-in PID regulator of the frequency converter to realize the constant-pressure water supply of the pipe network. The frequency overlimit signal of the frequency converter (generally can be used as the limit signal of pipe network pressure) can timely inform PLC to switch the logic of frequency conversion pump. In order to prevent the occurrence of water hammer phenomenon, the start and stop of the pump will be linked to its exit valve.

The advantages of no tower water supply

There is no need to build water tower, small investment, less occupation of land, adopt water and gas automatic regulation, automatic operation, energy saving and tap water automatic grid connection, still can supply water after power failure, debugging after several years do not need to watch. It saves 70% of the investment compared with the construction of water tower, 60% compared with the construction of high water tank, and greatly saves the civil construction investment. It is widely used in the production, living and office water of enterprises and institutions, residential areas and rural areas. Water supply households in 20-2000 households. The daily water supply is 20-50000m3, and the water supply height is 150 meters, that is, a 50-story building. Compared with traditional water supply methods such as water tower, high water tank and air pressure tank, variable frequency and constant pressure water supply has advantages in terms of investment, economy of operation, stability, reliability and degree of automation of the system.

1. High efficiency and energy saving Compared with traditional water supply, variable frequency and constant pressure water supply can save 30%-60% energy.

2. Small floor space, low investment and high efficiency.

3. Flexible configuration, high degree of automation, complete functions, flexible and reliable.

4, reasonable operation, due to the day's average speed decline, shaft average torque and wear reduced, the life of the pump will be greatly improved.

5, because it can realize soft stop and soft start to the pump, and can eliminate the water hammer effect (water hammer effect: when the direct start and stop, the liquid kinetic energy increases rapidly, resulting in a great impact on the pipe network, there is a lot of destructive).

System for frequency conversion constant pressure water supply pipe network pressure (or user) water flow to set parameters, automatically by the computer control inverter output frequency to adjust the speed of water pump motor, realize the pipe network pressure closed loop regulation (PID), automatic water supply system, steady to set pressure value: the water consumption increases, the frequency increases, the water pump speed is accelerated, water supply increases accordingly; When the water consumption decreases, the frequency decreases, the pump speed slows down, and the water supply also decreases accordingly, thus ensuring the water supply efficiency. At the same time, it achieves the purpose of improving the water supply quality and efficiency. This equipment does not need to build high water tank, water tower, water quality is no secondary pollution, is an ideal modern building water supply equipment.

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