Five system types of gas forging furnace

Gas forging furnace is an improved furnace type in forging industry, which uses gas from gas producer to heat forgings. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, strong safety and convenient operation. The production process of natural gas annealing furnace is smoke-free and dust-free, and the noise is small, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. Next, I will introduce five system types of gas forging furnace in detail.

1. Furnace temperature control system: advanced intelligent digital temperature controller. It forms a closed-loop control with the temperature measuring elements and automatic control burners.

2. Reliable safety protection system: the instrument cabinet is equipped with operation value display of temperature, furnace pressure, burners and pipeline parameters, abnormal alarm and emergency protection measures to ensure the operation safety of gas forging furnace.

3. Automatic control system of furnace pressure: it can set and automatically adjust the furnace pressure, so as to control the pressure of gas forging furnace at the best value, ensure the stable working condition of gas forging furnace and make full use of the heat of furnace gas.

4. Pipeline parameter automatic control system: the combustion supporting air pipeline and fuel pipeline required by the combustion system, whose pressure can be set and adjusted automatically, so that the combustion supporting air and fuel can be controlled at the best ratio, ensuring the high combustion efficiency of the gas forging furnace, and eliminating the black smoke.

5. Centralized control system: high precision PLC is used as the core unit of the whole furnace temperature control system. The temperature, pressure and combustion air pressure in the furnace are all controlled by PLC. In this way, various instruments such as temperature control, digital adjustment, manual operator and digital display are reduced, and the complexity of the whole system configuration is greatly reduced.

The gas forging furnace is also equipped with monitoring software, so that the whole system of the equipment has a good user interface. Learn more about the equipment and make it play the most role.

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