Filter replacement of vacuum oil filter

Filter in the use of a period of time must be removed to clean, how to remove the correct, let's see!

Filter replacement of vacuum oil filter

1. When the filter element is replaced, the machine should stop working, unscrew the handle on the top cover of the oil filter, then pull out the filter element and replace it with a new filter element. After installing and tightening it as is, the machine can start to work.

2, remove the

First remove the sealing plate on the side of the fuselage, unscrew the inner hexangular screw in the middle of the filter to separate the oil in the oil tank, then unscrew the inner hexagonal screw in the end cover to take out the filter, and finally disassemble the filter element and the middle magnetic bar to separate them.

3, cleaning

Thoroughly remove all dirt on the filter-block winding wires and all metal on the intermediate magnetic bar with light oil, gasoline or washing oil.

4, installation

Put the filter element into the filter, first tighten the end cover inner hexangular screw, then tighten the middle inner hexagonal screw.

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