Fault description of trolley type resistance furnace

Through the statistics and analysis of the causes of resistance furnace faults, preventive maintenance work should be done in advance in a targeted manner. For example, problems can be found through regular inspection, adjustment and maintenance, and they can be eliminated in time before faults are formed. Through these work, the downtime of faults can be effectively reduced and the hidden dangers of safety can be eliminated. After these effective preventive measures are taken, the failure rate of trolley type resistance furnace equipment is significantly reduced, and the failure free period of resistance furnace is extended for an average of 3 to 4 months, which saves a lot of human and material costs for the company and ensures the safe and smooth production.

1 rolling bearing failure

Rolling bearing is the weak point of rotating machinery. According to statistics, about 30% of the failures of rotating machinery are caused by the damage of rolling bearing. A rolling bearing is a rotating body supported by rollers or balls

The causes of bearing damage include normal wear, poor installation, lack of oil or oil deterioration in the bearing, and long-term overload operation. In order to avoid these problems and extend the service life of rolling bearings, we can check whether the bearings are installed correctly, check the oil quality of the bearings regularly, and determine whether to replace the new oil quality and reduce the load through the reliable analysis of the metal particles in the oil quality of the bearings.

2 gear failure

The opening and closing of all kinds of pushers and internal and external furnace doors on the electric furnace equipment of trolley type resistance furnace are all equipped with reduction gears. The meshing time of the two corresponding joint surfaces of the gears is very short, which is easy to be worn by force. It is an important testing point for equipment repair and maintenance. The fault can be determined by the sound and vibration generated during rotation and the metal contained in the lubricating oil in the gearbox

According to the determination of resistance furnace particles, the main causes of failure are excessive mechanical load, processing and assembly errors. Preventive maintenance can be carried out through regular inspection, adjustment and correction.

The quality of heater radiation sleeve is the key point for maintenance personnel to check, which is related to the normal operation of various resistance furnaces. It has a direct impact on the good and bad quality of the product. Because the radiation sleeve is broken and ignited in the actual work, the rework of the whole furnace workpiece occurs from time to time.

According to the analysis, the main reasons for the corrosion cracking of the radiation casing at high temperature are as follows:

① There is a quality problem in the heater radiation sleeve, which requires the acceptance personnel to strictly accept according to the technical indicators when receiving the goods.

② Before each start-up, the maintenance personnel shall carefully check the furnace and replace the radiation sleeve in time if it is found to be seriously deformed or cracked.

③ Every time the heater is replaced, the oxide layer and sundries in the radiation sleeve shall be cleaned carefully, and the heater shall be installed correctly to ensure the safe distance between the heater and the radiation sleeve.

(3) When the pusher at the front and rear sides of the resistance furnace works in automatic cycle, the motor overload alarm fails. There are two main reasons:

① There are two reasons for the motor overload alarm. One is the motor overload protection system. The electronic delay relay is damaged. The judgment of the fault can be made by using only one insulated wire to connect the 220V live wire to the live wire end of the electronic delay relay without power failure to observe whether the delay is normal. If not, replace the new delay relay. Second, the setting value of current relay is too small. Due to the long-term operation of the equipment, the friction resistance between the push rod and the track increases, the current action value of the current relay shall be adjusted appropriately.

② There are too many carbon ink and sundries in the track slot of pusher in the furnace of trolley type resistance furnace and the chain box outside the furnace, resulting in poor operation and motor overload alarm. Therefore, necessary cleaning shall be done before each furnace opening.

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