FRP fan of installation precautions

For FRP fans, good product quality is not all, but also qualified installation. The combination of the two is considered as high-quality product and high-quality service. How to install the fan? What should I pay attention to when installing?

FRP fan of installation precautions

1. Be familiar with the sample of FRP fan, the specification and form of FRP fan, the rotation direction of impeller and the inlet and outlet direction of air flow, etc.; before the installation of fan, check whether the impeller has rubbing phenomenon, and conduct a comprehensive inspection on all parts to see whether the accessories are complete and whether the component connection is tight. Carefully check whether the blades are damaged or deformed due to transportation, otherwise they can be installed after being repaired.

2. The air duct connecting the inlet and outlet of the fan shall be separately supported, and the weight of the pipe is not allowed to be added to the parts of the fan. Attention shall be paid to the horizontal position of the fan when installing the fan. The joint surface of the fan and the foundation and the connection of the air outlet pipe shall be adjusted to make them fit naturally. Forced connection is not allowed.

3. After the installation of FRP fan, pull the impeller by hand or lever to check whether there is over tightening or collision control phenomenon, and whether there is any object that hinders the rotation. The test run can be carried out only when there is no abnormal phenomenon. The exposed part of the fan drive device shall be equipped with protective cover (provided by the user). If the air inlet of the fan is not connected with the pipeline, protective net or other complete devices (provided by the user) shall also be added.

4. The wiring of FRP fan must be correct and reliable, the fan shell should be properly grounded, and the grounding must be reliable. The power supply to the fan must be complete and meet the relevant requirements. Motor wiring must have professional electrician wiring.

5. After all the FRP fans are installed, check whether there are left tools and sundries inside the fans.

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