FH compound vacuum oil filter equipment

Overview of FH compound vacuum oil filter equipment

The purification medium of FHLY composite vacuum oil filter is suitable for: turbine oil, turbine oil, transformer oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil, air pressure oil, cleaning oil, cooling oil, cutting fluid and other oil which is polluted by solid particles and impurities after use and water is immersed in the oil which can no longer be used normally.

FH compound vacuum oil filter equipment

FHLY composite vacuum oil filter adopts high precision filtration system and three-dimensional vacuum composite evaporation technology, which can be fast and precise

Remove particulate solid impurities and strong dehydration degassing. Therefore, it can achieve high cleanliness filtering effect and is suitable for oil purification in electric power, power station, petroleum, machinery, cement, chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, papermaking, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

FHLY composite vacuum oil filter has the following functions and characteristics:

Remove water, gas, solid impurities, allow the clean oil to continue to use, some oil quality can be close to the new oil standard.

All use physical method to clean oil, to ensure that the oil will not be secondary pollution.

Can be run online and offline to meet the requirements of use or easy to use.

Clean oil does not produce waste gas and pollutants that pollute the environment. The impurities separated from the oil can be removed once after the clean oil is finished, which will not pollute the environment.

The machine has advanced performance index, stable and reliable work, low failure rate, easy to operate, easy to maintain, beautiful and generous.

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