Explanation of various carburizing processes

1 - carpurizing,carburization

In order to improve the carbon content of the surface layer of the workpiece and form a carbon content gradient in it, the workpiece is heated and insulated in the carburizing medium to make carbon atoms infiltrate into the chemical heat treatment process.

2 - pack carburizing,solid carburizing,box carburizing,powder carburizing

Carburizing in which the workpiece is placed in a sealed box filled with granular carburizing agent.

3 - gas carburizing

Carburizing of the workpiece in a carbon containing gas.

4 - drip feed carburizing

A gas carburizing process in which liquid carburizing agents such as benzene, alcohol, ketone and kerosene are directly dropped into the furnace for cracking.

5 - partial pressure carburizing,vacuum carburizing,low pressure carburizing

Carburizing in carburizing atmosphere under the condition of less than 1 × 105Pa (usually 102pa ~ 104pa).

6 - high temperature carburizing

Carburizing above 950 ℃.

7 - localized carburizing,selective carburizing

Carburizing only on a part or area of the workpiece.

8 - homogeneous carburizing

Carburizing in which the thin work piece penetrates completely from the surface to the center.

9 - carbide dispersion carburizing

Carburizing in which fine dispersed carbides are obtained on the carburizing surface to improve the service ability of the workpiece.

10 - sheet carburizing

After carburizing and quenching of workpiece, carburizing with the total case depth or effective case depth of surface less than or equal to 0.3mm.

11 - deep carburizing

After carburizing and quenching, the effective case depth of workpiece is more than 3mm.

12 - carbon restoration

Carburization of a workpiece after decarburization for some reason to restore the initial carbon content.

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