Equipment construction of drying kiln

Conventional drying kiln is generally composed of kiln body, kiln door (door lifting device), heating system, humidity control system, airflow circulation system, intake and exhaust system, detection system and control system.

Equipment construction of drying kiln

1, the kiln body

The kiln body of the drying kiln should not only meet the general building requirements such as firmness and durability, but also, more importantly, meet the special requirements such as heat preservation, sealing and anticorrosion. Our series drying kilns have two kinds: civil kiln body and metal kiln body. Civil engineering kiln body is designed according to the special requirements, the inner and outer walls of the metal kiln body are made of aluminum alloy board, the heat preservation material is made of centrifugal glass wool or rock wool, and the columns and frames are made of special-shaped aluminum alloy profiles. Both the civil kiln and the metal kiln are well sealed, have enough heat preservation performance, and can resist corrosion.

2, wicket

The door of the kiln has three forms: single door, pair door and hanging door. When building two or more connected kilns, usually for hanging doors, the use of hanging doors need to be equipped with door. Special sealing rings with high temperature resistance, aging resistance and good elasticity are set around the door of the kiln.

3. Heating system

The main body of the heating system is the heater. The quality of the heater is not only related to the life of the heater, but also to the heat transfer efficiency of the heater. The heater used by our company is a new type of finned tube heater with composite integral rolling, with no frilled finned, small airflow resistance, high heat transfer efficiency, good corrosion resistance and long service life. The comprehensive performance of the heater is much better than that of the spiral tube heater or the tandem tube heater.

4. Humidity control system

The humidification system is simple, but it is very important to ensure the quality of wood drying. The steam jet pipe of the humidity control system should avoid corrosion as much as possible. When using steam heating. Spray atmospheric pressure saturated steam into the kiln; When high temperature water is used for heating, saturated steam or atomized water is sprayed into the kiln.

5. Airflow circulation system

Airflow circulation is an important means to accelerate drying speed and ensure the uniformity of drying. In order to improve the sealing performance of the kiln and the reliability of the fan operation, our company adopts the high-temperature and moisture-proof motor installed in the kiln together with the fan.

6. Intake and exhaust system

The intake and exhaust devices of our company are controlled automatically or manually. The automatic control system wetting motor is imported from Switzerland or Korea, which can realize multilevel control. Whether the automatic control or electric control operation is very convenient, the movement is very flexible.

7. Detection system

The detection system mainly refers to the detection of wood moisture content and the detection of medium temperature and humidity.

The detection of wood moisture content adopts the method of electrical measurement, which can simultaneously determine the moisture content of 6 measuring points in the kiln. It is convenient and fast to use, with digital display, accurate and reliable reading.

The temperature difference method is adopted to detect the humidity of the medium, and the device used is the dry and wet bulb thermometer. The measurement of medium humidity is displayed on the LCD panel of the semi-automatic controller by the dry bulb thermometer in the device, which is accurate and reliable.

8. Control system

Wood drying process is essentially the process of heat and moisture exchange between drying medium and wood. Therefore, the control of wood drying process is actually the control of medium conditions. The media closely related to wood drying are mainly temperature, humidity and circulation speed.

According to the need, the control system of drying equipment has three kinds of semi-automatic, automatic and manual control.

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