Environmental protection tube furnace

Tube furnace is a national standard energy-saving circulating work furnace with super energy-saving structure. It adopts advanced composite lining structure, saving 30% - 40% in precision casting industry. It has high efficiency, lower cost than fuel and coal. The thermal materials of tubular furnace are high quality, energy saving light foam brick and high quality insulation products.

The temperature regulation of tubular furnace is convenient and safe. As long as the function button is adjusted, the temperature control can be realized, and the trouble of adjusting the oil nozzle of fuel furnace can be eliminated. It has the advantages of stable temperature control, outstanding performance, furnace cleaning, etc. Thoroughly solve your environmental pressure, tube furnace has superior performance, furnace cleaning advantages.

Good environmental protection performance, using high-quality refractory materials, heating elements made of high-strength alloy wire, placed on the steel wire around the furnace, or tube furnace using heating materials is silicon carbon rod, double car recovery, high thermal efficiency, high productivity, 20% energy saving than ordinary trolley electric furnace.

Using the silicon carbide rod or high temperature furnace wire as the heating element, the utility model has the advantages of long use time, fast heating speed, good baking effect of die and shell, less waste products and high yield. The electric oven 41 has the advantages of uniform heating, long service life, safety and reliability. The special silicon carbon rod used in the stainless steel precision casting shell furnace is an ideal energy-saving product instead of the electric furnace wire and coal furnace. The opening and closing of the furnace door and the access of the trolley are mechanically driven and equipped with an electrical interlock device. When the furnace door is raised or closed to a certain position, the trolley can be operated. The furnace bottom plate is made of heat-resistant steel casting.

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