Energy saving and emission reduction of reheating furnace

The work of industrial energy conservation and emission reduction should be done well in six aspects, and strive to achieve six obvious results. That is to say, we should pay attention to the efficient utilization of industrial resources and make achievements in the replacement of coal fuel; pay attention to an efficient waste heat recovery technology and make remarkable achievements in the utilization of several hours on the basis of improving the energy-saving and efficient clean tempering furnace; pay attention to the utilization of residual heat and pressure, and make remarkable achievements in improving the quality of hydropower, wind power, solar power generation and the proportion of non fossil energy; speed up heat transfer and improve With high furnace production capacity, remarkable achievements have been made in improving the power generation level; with technological transformation and innovation, remarkable achievements have been made in reducing energy consumption and emission per unit power; with the construction of online monitoring platform for energy conservation and emission reduction, remarkable achievements have been made in improving the management level of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Focus on the promotion of tempering furnace waste heat utilization heat treatment, vacuum and controllable atmosphere heating, all fiber lining and other technologies, as well as large tonnage external hot air long life cupola, high-efficiency motor, energy-saving internal combustion engine and other equipment; demonstration and promotion of harmonic vibration stress relief, cold temperature and hot precision casting, computer precision control of heat treatment process, high-pressure common rail, turbocharging and other technologies, as well as bearing rings The technology of forging blank triple kits and large-scale bearing forgings, etc.; speeding up the demonstration and application of energy saving and new energy vehicles; R & D and promotion of low toxic resin and environmental friendly inorganic resin materials, impact resistant and high hardenability bearing steel, non modulation steel, low resistance parts, high-efficiency power assembly, automobile lightweight and other technologies.


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