Drain valve for classification method

According to the different working principle of the trap, the trap can be reduced to the following types:

Drain valve for classification method

1. Mechanical type: action depends on the change of the liquid level of condensate in the steam trap, including:

Float: The float is a closed hollow sphere

Open up float: the float is an open up bucket

Open down float type: the float is a bucket type with an open down

2. Thermostatic type: action depends on the change of liquid temperature, including:

Bimetallic strip: The sensitive part is bimetallic strip

Steam pressure type: the sensitive parts are bellows or ink cartridges filled with volatile liquid

Third, the thermal dynamic type: the action depends on the change of the thermal dynamic properties of the liquid.

Disc type: due to the same pressure, liquid and gas flow rate is different, different dynamic and static pressure, drive disc valve disc action

Pulse type: because the condensate of different temperature passes through the two poles in a series throttle orifice type, sitting between the two poles throttle orifice different pressure, drive the disc action.

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