Does the filter separate oil from water

Basic functions of oil filter: oil filter, also known as filter, oil purifier. Its function is mainly to filter and purify the contaminated oil, restore or improve the properties of oil itself. Includes cleanliness, water content, gas content, acid value, kinematic viscosity, flash point, insulation grade, color, etc.

Does the filter separate oil from water

As can be seen from the above two points, the function of oil filter is to filter the water in the oil, that is, to remove water from the oil, rather than remove oil from the water. Once the function is wrong, it will cause the customer to find the wrong equipment and delay the customer's working time. Although it is the same filtering equipment, but the requirements are different, the industry is not the same. One is the "oil filter" and the other is the "water treatment equipment". For customers who do not know much about the product, it is very likely to be taken out of context. Therefore, if they want to buy a suitable product, they need to communicate with us more. According to the different functions of the oil filter, it can be divided into:

1. the filter oil filter impurities, such as plate and frame filter oil, three - stage filter tanker

2. An oil filter that filters impurities, water and gas, such as a vacuum oil filter

3. Oil filter for reducing oil color and regeneration. For example, decolorization regeneration oil filter and so on

Main application scope of oil filter:

It is mainly applicable to mining, metallurgy, petroleum, railway, machinery, chemical industry, textile, cement, power plant, instrument and other departments. It plays a great role in the purification and regeneration of various industrial lubricating oils with pollution degradation, prolongs the maintenance cycle and service life of the equipment, and reduces the production cost. Can effectively remove pollutants such as water, water soluble acid, alkali, mechanical impurities, etc., improve oil viscosity, flash point, emulsification. So that the oil quickly recover to the required performance, close to or meet the corresponding national new oil standards.

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