Does the filter process emulsified and whitened antiwear hydraulic oil?

ZJD series hydraulic oil vacuum filter oil can quickly remove moisture, impurities, volatile (such as ammonia) and other harmful components in the oil, ensure the normal use of anti-wear hydraulic oil, improve the quality of oil, after treatment of oil products can be restored to the national standards.

Does the filter process emulsified and whitened antiwear hydraulic oil?

Hydraulic oil and water are incompatible, and the density of oil is lower than that of water. When oil and water mix under the action of temperature, vibration, pressure, etc., they wrap each other to form countless tiny separation surfaces, which appear white under the action of light refraction. It is milky white to the naked eye.

Lubricating oil must have three necessary conditions to form an emulsion:

1. There must be two liquids which are mutually (or partially) dissoluble;

2. Emulsifiers (surfactants that can reduce interfacial tension) should be present in the two mixtures;

3. Have the energy to form the emulsion, such as strong agitation, circulation, flow, etc. Water, intense agitation, emulsifier, can cause lubricating oil emulsification. Among them, the presence of water and intense stirring are the main reasons for emulsification.

Emulsified and whitened lubricating oil can be deemulsified, dehydrated and purified by hydraulic oil vacuum dehydration filter and coalescence separation filter. The water separation unit of the oil filtration equipment USES the principle of molecular separation technology to analyze the pressure of oil, eliminate the bonding force between molecules, make the dissolved water and free water in the oil, break the oil film quickly and separate from the oil molecules. After the treatment, the water content of the oil can reach or even higher than the national requirement.

Therefore, emulsified lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil (and light steam fuel kerosene), can be filtered through the hydraulic oil vacuum oil filter to solve the problem.

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