Do you pay attention to the heat treatment of fasteners?

Advanced fastener is the basis of high-end machinery manufacturing, and its function can be called "four or two sets of kilograms". On the surface, the output value of fasteners only accounts for a few percent of the machinery industry. In essence, it brings much higher added value to key components and equipment. For example, automobile fastener is a fastener with high economic value. Due to the high requirements for quality and reliability, the production of our country can not fully achieve the localization. The engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, wheel bolts, suspension bolts used in key parts of automobile are important fasteners related to the safety of life and property. At present, 40% - 60% of them are imported. Although their manufacturing technology has some similarities with the general fastener, their manufacturing and testing technology, equipment, materials, management and control are greatly different, which is the highest and most concentrated embodiment of fastener technology.

Heat treatment is the key technology to control fastener performance, ensure long life, safety and reliability, and is the core element of advanced material high-end mechanical equipment competitiveness.

① It has great potential to save energy and reduce consumption;

② Improve the use reliability of products and guarantee the safety of people's life and property;

③ Relying on the advanced heat treatment technology, the fastener with small volume, light weight, long life and high reliability is manufactured, which greatly improves the added value of the whole machine;

④ The research results in the field of heat treatment are catalysts for new materials, products and equipment.

The development of modern heat treatment technology has two major characteristics: one is to form new heat treatment theory and technology based on the basic research of material structure transformation law and its influence on performance; the other is to develop new heat treatment technology by absorbing the achievements of other disciplines (such as electromagnetic induction, laser, ion beam, chemical thermodynamics and dynamics, combustion technology, heat transfer, etc.). China has become a manufacturing country. Although the scale of heat treatment has been growing rapidly in recent 20 years, there is still a gap between the technology of heat treatment and the advanced level in the world, which leads to the bottleneck phenomenon that the domestic high-end fastener lags behind the main engine.

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