Do you know the following characteristics when using a vacuum freeze dryer?

Vacuum freeze dryer is a relatively advanced method of material dehydration at present. This technology is to freeze the water-bearing substance at low temperature, and then sublimate the water directly in the vacuum state. The physical, chemical and biological states of the materials after vacuum freeze drying are basically unchanged, and the volatile components and nutrient components of the materials with thermal denaturation have little loss. The substances after freeze drying are porous and their volume is basically the same as before drying. Because of the large contact area after adding water, it can recover quickly and has a long storage period in the sealed container.

Application scope of vacuum freeze dryer:

Food industry: the vacuum freeze-drying technology can be used for drying fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, aquatic products, condiments, convenient foods and famous and excellent specialties. It can keep the original color, aroma, taste, shape and freshness of food unchanged, and the water rehydration is good, the finished products are easy to store and transport, the cost is reduced, the storage period is prolonged.

Nutrition and health care: in the dry royal jelly, ginseng, turtle, turtle, earthworm and other nutritional health products, the use of vacuum freeze-drying process, more people believe that the nutrients pure natural.

Pharmaceutical industry: vacuum freeze-drying can be applied to the dehydration and preservation of serum, plasma, vaccines, enzymes, antibiotics, hormones and other Chinese and western medicines.

Biological research: the blood, bacteria, arteries, bones, skin, cornea, nerve tissues and various organs that have been preserved for a long time by vacuum freeze drying technology can be regenerated by simply supplying water when used, while still maintaining their biological and physical characteristics.

Other: such as in the aerospace heat insulation ceramic production, archaeological preservation of wood and silk products, specimen preparation, special materials preparation applications, can receive unique results.

Product features of vacuum freeze-dryer:

Vacuum freeze-drying machine is a new product designed for upgrading and upgrading the existing conventional vacuum drying and drying oven, so as to truly master the core technology. It is made by vacuum drying principle, compact and reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, automatic control, easy operation; Under the same material heating temperature, compared with conventional vacuum drying and drying oven:

1. Fast drying speed, 3~10 times shorter time.

2, low energy consumption, only ordinary dryer energy consumption of 20%-30%.

3, the drying temperature range is wide (-55℃~120℃ can be dry), can be in the low temperature range (-20℃~50℃) for rapid drying.

4. There is no oxygen in the vacuum in the drying chamber, and the drying quality can be compared with the quality of freeze-dried materials.

5. It can recycle organic solvents, which is conducive to reducing production costs and environmental protection.

6. Vertical open-door structure can realize in-situ freeze-drying of materials.

7. The control system takes PLC as the core, USES touch screen as the man-machine operation interface, records the multi-channel temperature data in the process of freeze-drying in real time, and can be browsed in the form of curves, the man-machine interface is clear and intuitive.

8. Temperature curve can be controlled by preset shelf to realize automation of sublimation process.

9. The host computer is equipped with a USB interface, which can upload the lyophilized data to the computer in real time and realize the functions of saving, browsing and printing.

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