Distinction between swing and vertical check valves

Swing check valve is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in petrochemical industry. Mastering the characteristics of this equipment is conducive to better use of equipment. So, what are the features of swing check valves? Why is it so popular? These are the main reasons.

Distinction between swing and vertical check valves

1. Wide application range

It is not only widely used in petrochemical industry, but also in metallurgy, food, electric power, light industry and other industries. Thus it can be seen that its use ability is very strong, for water, steam, oil, nitric acid, urea and other media have excellent adaptability.

2. Compact and simple structure

The structural length of swing check valves is relatively short, and compared to the traditional flange check valve, its volume, weight and length are significantly lower. Because of its compact and simple structure, its shape is more simple and beautiful.

3. Very convenient to use

Swing check valve whether horizontal pipe and vertical pipe can be used, installation is very convenient and flexible, and smooth flow, the resistance is relatively small, and the action is more sensitive, excellent sealing. These advantages are the traditional flange check valve can not be compared.

Therefore, it is precisely because the swing check valve has so many advantages, it will be widely used in all walks of life. Swing check valve products on the market is more, a variety of products brought difficulties to people's choices, and if there is demand, in the choose and buy when is suggested to consider their actual demand, there will be differences on different types of equipment performance, according to the use place and using demand to choose suitable products. Must pay attention to the regular large manufacturers choose and buy.

Vertical check valves should be maintained in the process of use, there is a big difference between the maintenance and no maintenance equipment, maintenance can be used for a longer time. So, how to maintain vertical check valves in daily use? Take a look at the following methods.

First, if it is used in places with large temperature difference and large pipeline length, it is better to install compensator, which can protect the pipe joint and avoid damage to the pipe joint.

Second, the use must be operated by professionals, although the vertical check valve structure is very simple, use is more convenient, but if not professionals, it is best not to use blindly, in order to avoid improper use and affect the final performance, and may even damage the equipment.

Third, if there is a fault in the process of use, then it must be timely maintenance or replacement, if continue to use the failure of the vertical check valve, then it will bring adverse effects to the production.

Fourth, check the vertical check valve regularly, to ensure that the equipment is in good condition, so that the equipment can play a better role.

Fifth, must be correct selection, the type of vertical check valve on the market is more, a variety of brands and models of equipment, in the choice of so must understand what kind of equipment you need, according to the actual needs to be able to choose the most appropriate equipment.

In short, the vertical check valve must be correct selection, and pay attention to the daily maintenance. In this way, the service life of the equipment can be extended. Of course, to some extent, it is also an effective way to save operating costs for enterprises.

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