Different classification of carburizing heat treatment

Carburizing: it is a kind of surface treatment of metal. Most of the carburized parts are low carbon steel or low alloy steel. The specific method is to put the workpiece into the single-phase austenite area with active carburizing medium and heat it to 900-950 ℃. After holding for enough time, the active carbon atoms decomposed from the carburizing medium will penetrate into the surface of the steel piece, so as to obtain high carbon on the surface and keep the original composition in the center Similarly, low temperature nitriding is a common heat treatment process of Changzhou heat treatment for metal materials. It can make the surface of carburized workpiece obtain high hardness and improve its wear resistance.

According to different carbonaceous media, carburizing can be divided into gas carburizing, solid carburizing, liquid carburizing and carbonitriding (cyaniding).

Gas carburizing is a kind of carburizing operation process that the workpiece is put into a closed carburizing furnace, and gas carburizing agent (methane, ethane, etc.) or liquid carburizing agent (kerosene or benzene, alcohol, acetone, etc.) is introduced to decompose the active carbon atom at high temperature and penetrate into the workpiece surface to obtain a high carbon surface layer.

Solid carburizing is a kind of early carburizing method that the workpiece and solid carburizing agent (composed of charcoal and accelerant) are installed together in a sealed carburizing box, the box is put into a heating furnace and heated to the carburizing temperature, and kept for a certain period of time, so that the active carbon atom can infiltrate the workpiece surface.

Liquid carburizing is to use liquid medium for carburizing. The commonly used liquid carburizing media are: silicon carbide, "603" carburizing agent, etc.

Carbonitriding (cyaniding) is divided into gas carbonitriding, liquid carbonitriding and solid carbonitriding.

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