Difference between veneer press and common press

Paste panel hot press and commonly used hot press between the difference

There are some differences between the hot pressing machine and commonly used hot pressing machine, hot pressing machine is mainly single-layer, and the common hot pressing machine is generally multi-layer. And they are different in terms of structure and pressure.

And stick the maintenance of the hot pressing machine is very important, related to the service life of the equipment, so we should grasp carefully. It should be carried out in the case of power failure, and to hang warning signs, and take some necessary safety measures, so as to ensure safety.

Stick the cleaning of the hot pressing machine, should not use flammable solvents, because more dangerous. Carry out according to regulation requirement and content, it is to use level maintenance to undertake commonly. Stick panel hot pressing machine it basically is used in furniture industry, in building door window production to also can use nevertheless, its main advantage is: structure is simple, operation maintains convenient, investment benefit is high, and still can realize continuous automation production.

There are generally two kinds of hot pressing machine for veneer planer and impregnated paper short period pressing machine. According to the main direction of the enterprise to determine the main parameters of the press, the main production line should be short pressure length and faster production speed; Production plate - based press to have a long pressure length, production speed is relatively low.

According to the requirements of the heat pressure curve, the frame and the oil cylinder are divided into several sections. To fully consider the requirements of different types of plate, different specifications of the pressing process, to the special plate for the pressing and increase the output of a certain amount of heat.

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