Die - casting die heat treatment process summary

Metal die casting has the characteristics of high production efficiency, saving raw materials, reducing production cost, good product performance and high precision, which has been widely used in production.

Heat treatment is an important link to improve the service life of die casting die. Therefore, in die casting die production, it is necessary to carry out the correct heat treatment process operation.

I. manufacturing process route of die casting die

1. General die-casting die

Forging - spherification annealing - mechanical roughing - stabilization - finishing - forming - quenching and tempering - fitter assembly.

2. Die casting die with complex shape and high precision

Forging - spherification annealing (or tempering) - rough machining - tempering - electrical machining or finishing forming - fitter grinding - nitriding (or nitrocarburizing) - grinding and polishing.

Ii. Conventional heat treatment process of die casting die

1. Heat treatment process is widely used in die casting die manufacturing, it can improve the performance of die parts, prolong the service life of the die. In addition, heat treatment can also improve the processing performance of die casting mold, improve the processing quality, reduce tool wear, therefore, in the mold manufacturing occupies a very important position.

2. The die casting mold is mainly made of steel. The conventional heat treatment in the manufacturing process is: spheroidizing annealing, stabilization treatment, tempering, quenching and tempering. Through these heat treatment processes, the microstructure of steel is changed so that the required structure and performance of die casting die can be obtained.

Die casting die surface strengthening treatment process

Conventional general quenching can hardly meet the requirements of high surface wear resistance and matrix strength and toughness. The production practice shows that surface strengthening is an important measure to improve the quality and prolong the service life of die casting die. The surface treatment techniques commonly used in die casting die include: carburizing, nitriding, nitrocarburizing, boronizing, chromizing and aluminizing.

The harsh working conditions require the die-casting mold to have good mechanical properties at high temperature, resistance to cold and hot fatigue, resistance to liquid metal erosion, oxidation resistance, high hardenability and wear resistance, etc. Heat treatment is the main manufacturing process to determine these properties.

Can be applied to a variety of industrial fields of die-casting, injection molding, machining and other manufacturing industries in the pipe factory, committed to create a standardized simple MES system for enterprises, I believe that with the emergence of the pipe factory, will certainly set off a new wave in the manufacturing industry.

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