Diamond sintering furnace

Product introduction

The production line of diamond bit sintering furnace is a kind of energy-saving periodic operation furnace designed and developed by our company for diamond industry, with super energy-saving structure, composite structure and 30% - 40% power saving. It adopts the heating element hanging tool, automatic sealing furnace door, integrated operation, simple installation and convenient operation, which is mainly suitable for diamond bit, grinding wheel, saw blade and other metal materials It is used for sintering, quenching, preheating, tempering and heat treatment of various mechanical parts under high temperature. It is composed of bottom lifting high temperature sintering furnace body, manual feeding and discharging car, temperature control system, heating element, furnace door lifting hydraulic system, etc.

Product features

1. The furnace body structure is similar to the general standard well type electric furnace. The shell structure is made of section steel (channel steel) assembled and welded, and the shell steel plate δ = 6mm. This structure has the advantages of firmness and reliability, beautiful appearance, and not easy to deform in long-term high-temperature use.

2. The lining production adopts our company's unique masonry technology. The side wall refractory of the furnace body is made of light-weight mullite brick. The gap between the furnace shell and the furnace lining is filled with aluminum silicate fiber to form a composite furnace lining. The thickness of the insulation layer is ≥ 400mm. Each side of the furnace door presses the furnace frame 90mm. The labyrinth refractory is used to build between the furnace body and the furnace door. Besides, the self acting sealing mechanism is also used to reduce it It can reduce the heat radiation and convection loss of the electric furnace and improve the temperature uniformity of the furnace.

3. Loading table: the frame is made of section steel by welding, and its steel property ensures no deformation under full load. The inner part is built with refractory bricks to enhance the structural strength of furnace lining. The worktable top can carry 900kg products for heating. The lifting system of worktable adopts hydraulic oil cylinder to move up and down. The sealing between worktable and furnace body adopts automatic labyrinth structure and soft contact double sealing. The lifting of the working table is controlled by electric motor and equipped with limit device, which can prevent inertia from hitting the furnace body, and interlock control, that is, after opening the furnace door slightly, the heating element will be cut off automatically. After the furnace door is closed in place, the power supply of heating element shall be restored at the same time.

4. The heating element of the electric furnace is made of imported high temperature resistant alloy wire wound into corrugation. A new special installation method is adopted to hang on the corundum wire laying brick around the furnace. The structure of the wire hanging is convenient to install, firm and reliable, with high thermal efficiency and long service life.

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