Development of heat treatment industry

Some progress has been made in quality management, technological transformation, specialization and opening up to the outside world. The labor productivity of the whole industry has also improved significantly. According to the data analysis of 843 heat treatment plants and stations investigated last year, it is about 40% higher than the data investigated in 1997. Induction heat treatment has many advantages, such as fast heating speed, energy saving, no oxidation and decarbonization, no pollution to the environment and high production efficiency. These advantages are widely recognized by heat treatment workers, so it has developed rapidly in the past decade.

The waste gas, waste water, waste residue, dust, noise and electromagnetic radiation discharged from the production of heat treatment equipment will pollute the operation site and surrounding environment. First of all, advanced heat treatment technology should be environmentally friendly. It includes cleaning process, cleaning equipment, cleaning materials, etc. Induction heat treatment with controllable atmosphere, vacuum and good shielding is a typical cleaning process widely used. Plasma heat treatment, low pressure carburizing, high pressure gas quenching, laser electron beam hardening, spray quenching and vacuum cleaning are all less polluting technologies. The shape and size change of metal parts in heat treatment is inevitable, too large and uneven distortion will increase machining allowance or make them scrap. After heat treatment, the gears of automobile gearbox are usually not processed, and the distortion will make them lose interchangeability or increase the gap and increase the noise of vehicles.

The improvement of product quality and production process of heat treatment equipment involves the improvement of quality, reliability and control technology of heat treatment equipment as well as the improvement of quality reproducibility and product performance of heat treatment products. Changzhou heat treatment realizes the quality dispersion of heat treatment products, such as performance and deformation, based on the high requirements of equipment. Foreign heat treatment equipments control the whole process of heat treatment and are developing towards automation, integration, flexibility and intelligence. In China, the controlled atmosphere heat treatment, which was used in 1960s, is only used in some large enterprises and a few professional factories. Nationwide, the total number of controllable atmosphere furnace and vacuum furnace is less than 5% of the heat treatment equipment. Some equipment with high labor intensity, serious pollution and high energy consumption still account for a lot of equipment.

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