Description of type of annealing furnace burning bedstead

1. Bring a bed stove

First oxidation zone along the flame; Then, if there is excess fuel, it develops into a reduction zone. In a annealing furnace, water vapor is added to oxygen or air to increase the yield of hydrogen. The tar fractions were all cracked in the furnace.

Carrying bed gasifier commonly used oxygen combustion, any kind of coal can be applied, but the bed temperature is very high, liquid slag discharge, oxygen consumption is more.

2. Fluidized bed furnace

The furnace here is renamed cloth air plate. Air or oxygen-rich air and water vapor pass through the bed composed of fine particles, and make the bed fluidized bed heat and mass transfer is very strong, not only conducive to combustion and gasification, but also promote the bed temperature is very uniform.

There are also oxidation, reduction and dry distillation zones in fluidized bed, but they are not as distinct as fixed bed. The tar distillate can be cracked under strong mixing, and the bed is often buried in the heating surface to reduce the bed temperature. Therefore, it can effectively inhibit the formation of slagging and oxidizing amine in the bed, and can also participate in the combustion of limestone to absorb sulfur oxide, which belongs to low-temperature combustion, and is a low-pollution coal burning technology. It is inevitable that some fine powder is lifted out of fluidized bed, resulting in incomplete combustion. In modern fluidized bed furnace, this kind of incomplete combustion can be controlled to a reasonable limit by cyclic reignition.

3. Fix bed stove

Coal is laid on the hearth and air passes through the hearth and hearth from the bottom up. Lump-coal and granular coal, that is, screened coal, should be burned. If there is a lot of powder in the coal, the ventilation resistance of the bed will be very large, and the ventilation resistance of the bed is uneven, leading to uneven combustion and gasification of the annealing furnace.

The fixed bed can be divided into ash slag area, oxidation area, reduction or gasification area, new coal dry distillation and preheating area. The tar distillate from the new coal dry distillation has no chance to be pyrolysis in the bed, which brings many troubles to the gas post-treatment. The oxidation zone temperature of the fixed bed annealing furnace is very high, often make ash melting two hinder the normal operation, plus the tar yield is higher, so the coal requirements are very strict.


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