Continuous hot blast furnace

The secondary protection of the continuous hot blast furnace has perfect protection functions, such as over temperature, breaking couple, over-current, short circuit, transmission action interlock and so on. In case of over temperature and couple breaking, the high-power contactor on the main circuit of each temperature zone can cut off the power supply quickly, which can ensure the safety of equipment and processing workpiece, and has secondary protection of fast fuse.

Continuous hot air return furnace (mesh belt furnace), also known as conveyor belt electric control tempering furnace (mesh belt furnace), large well type annealing furnace The imported PID intelligent temperature controller and complete automatic control system are adopted. In the furnace temperature of 500 ℃, any temperature can be set according to the process requirements, with the control accuracy of ± 3 ℃, equipped with hot air mixing device, the furnace temperature is accurately balanced, and the quality of tempered workpiece is stable and reliable.

The continuous hot blast furnace comprises a shell, a furnace lining is arranged on the inner wall of the shell to form a heating chamber, a vehicle rail is arranged at the bottom of the heating chamber, a trolley is arranged on the vehicle rail, and a plurality of material racks are arranged at the intervals of the trolley; an opening is arranged at one end of the shell, and a furnace door is arranged at the opening to close; a hot blast circulating system is arranged on the shell, and the heat The air inlet and the air outlet of the air circulation system are respectively communicated with the heating chamber through pipes. The hot air circulation system of the trolley type steel ball tempering furnace is external, which can recycle the hot air and greatly reduce the energy consumption; at the same time, the hot air in the heating chamber is in the flowing state, the heating uniformity is good, and the tempering performance of the steel ball is better.

The existing tempering furnace is one-piece, which is equipped with a furnace door for feeding. Therefore, whether the casting is put into the furnace or taken out of the furnace, workers are required to move one by one. The labor intensity of workers is high, the working environment is bad and the safety is not high.

The bell type casting tempering furnace includes a frame, a track, which is arranged under the frame, a furnace base, which is arranged on the track in a movable way, the furnace base is driven by a movable mechanism to move, a lower end of the furnace cover is provided with an opening which can be movably buckled on the furnace base, and a heating resistance wire is arranged in the side wall of the furnace cover; the furnace cover is provided with a heating resistance wire The lifting mode is arranged on the frame, and the furnace cover is driven by a lifting mechanism to raise or lower; and the temperature measuring device is arranged in the furnace cover.

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