Considered when selecting the cleaning liquid of ultrasonic cleaner

Before purchasing the cleaning system, the parts to be cleaned should be used as follows: to clarify the material composition, structure and quantity of the parts to be washed, to analyze and clarify the dirt to be eradicated, these are the resolution to use what cleaning method, distinguish the use of water-based cleaning liquid is still a prerequisite for the use of solvents. After all the cleaning process still need to do cleaning experiments to verify.

Considered when selecting the cleaning liquid of ultrasonic cleaner

Only in this way, the ability to supply a suitable cleaning system, planning a reasonable cleaning process and cleaning liquid. Considering the influence of the physical properties of cleaning liquid on ultrasonic cleaning, the vapor pressure, external tension, viscosity and density should be the most obvious factors. Temperature can affect these elements, so it also affects the cavitation power. Cleaning fluid is necessary for any cleaning system.

The choice of cleaning liquid, should consider the following three elements of cleaning power: choose the most useful cleaning solvent, must do experiments. If ultrasonic is introduced into the existing cleaning process, the solvent used will not be changed. Simple operation: the liquid used should be safe and non-toxic, simple operation and long service life; Cost: the lowest cost of the use of cleaning solvent does not use the lowest.

In the application, it is necessary to consider the solvent cleaning power, safety, must be quantitative solvent can clean several workpiece application rate of the highest elements. Of course, the selected cleaning solvent is necessary to reach the cleaning role, and should be compatible with the cleaning workpiece material. Water is the most common cleaning liquid, so the use of water - based solution system simple operation, low cost, common use.

But for some materials and grime is not suitable for water - based solution, so there are many solvents to choose from. Different cleaning liquid, to distinguish the cleaning system water system: the common composition of the open slot, the workpiece immersed in the meantime. The messy system is made up of multiple tanks, which are equipped with a circulating filtration system, a shower tank, a monotonic tank and other accessories.

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