Connection between controller and electric furnace

The minimum distance between the controller and the furnace shall not be less than 0.5 m. The controller should not be placed above the electric furnace so as not to affect the normal operation of the controller. Only the load of the power cord, switch and fuse connecting the controller to the furnace shall be slightly greater than the rated power of the furnace. When wiring, first loosen the screws on the left and right sides of the controller housing, then turn the housing over to connect the power cord.

Connection between controller and electric furnace

The controller is connected to furnace line and thermocouple line (preferably with compensation line). The thermocouple is inserted into the furnace through the hole of the thermocouple's fixed seat. Plug the gap between the hole and the thermoelectricity with asbestos rope and secure. (Note: The phase of the power supply is not connected to the center line. To ensure safe operation, the controller and the furnace body should be firmly grounded.

Shut off the power switch first, and then toggle switch on the controller panel away bearing, recuperates the set button, temperature setting the extent to which you need, if you set the switch to pull azimuth measurement, a red light (no), also has the contactor and movement, electricity, heating ammeter indicates the current value, the temperature of the furnace temperature rise slowly, clarify the normal work.

When the temperature rises to the specified temperature, the red light will be off (NO) and the green light will be on (YES). The power will be cut off and heating will stop. After that, when the temperature in the furnace drops slightly, the green light goes out, the red light goes on, and the furnace is energized. The cycle is repeated to achieve the purpose of active control of the furnace temperature.

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