Cold working die steel parts heat treatment procedure arrangement

The heat treatment of die steel is closely related to the arrangement of processing procedure. In mold manufacturing, the heat treatment method shall be selected according to the material and processing process route, and the corresponding heat treatment process shall be formulated.

(1) general arrangement of heat treatment process of cold working die steel parts: preparation - annealing - machining - forming - quenching and tempering - finishing.

(2) cold working die steel adopts forming grinding and electrical processing technology: forging - annealing - mechanical rough machining - quenching or tempering - finishing (grinding, electrical processing).

(3) processing of complex die of cold working die steel: forging - annealing - mechanical rough machining - high temperature tempering or tempering - mechanical machining forming - quenching and tempering - grinding and electrical processing forming.

In order to further improve the surface hardness, wear resistance and service life of the mold, surface strengthening treatment is often carried out, such as carburizing, nitriding, boronitrocarburizing, vanadium niobium by td method, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) as the final heat treatment.

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