Coal mill oil vacuum dewatering and impurity removing oil filter


Zym-20 coal mill oil vacuum filter is specially designed for high pressure oil station and dilute oil station of thermal power plant boiler system.

Coal mill oil vacuum dewatering and impurity removing oil filter


Specially designed for this machine new heating device, heating load is low, effectively avoid the aging of oil.

Zym-20 coal mill oil vacuum filter oil vacuum pump adopts imported water ring vacuum pump. It takes coolant or water as lubrication medium to enter the vacuum pump without fear of gas. It avoids the trouble of oil changing frequently in rotary vane vacuum pump with oil as medium.

The whole pipe and tank are made of stainless steel, which can work continuously for a long time.

Special oil pump with high viscosity and special treatment for seals, no leakage, low operating noise, long service life.

Photoelectric liquid level control is adopted, the control is sensitive, accurate and the foam can be sensed, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of oil injection. Adopting three-dimensional evaporation technology, multi-level oil-water separation technology, degassing and dehydration system, the water and gas in oil can be separated rapidly.

The precise filtration system has a strong particle purification capacity, which can effectively remove the particle impurities in the oil, and is equipped with an automatic filter element contamination detection function.

Automatic constant temperature control system, automatic liquid level control system, automatic defoaming control system, automatic pressure protection system and excellent configuration ensure the high performance of the equipment.

The whole machine is equipped with interlocking safety protection, oil drainage system, vacuum system and heating system to avoid the adverse effects caused by misoperation.

Filter element replacement indicator and filter element saturation stop device are provided.

With phase sequence, lack of phase protection function, sudden stop security control.

Online oil filter, no one can run, the running state is shown by the indicator light

This machine is humanized design, low noise, easy to operate, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption to save operating cost.

Preemptive mode:

PLC intelligent control, touch screen operation and dynamic display can be selected according to customer requirements.

Optional on-line water detector.

The machine can be made into movable type, fixed type, fully enclosed type, covering eaves type, canvas shed type, open type, trailer type according to customer requirements.

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