Choice of heat treatment materials for automobile half axle

Selection and technical requirements of heat treatment materials for automobile half axle

The axle shaft is an important structural part of the automobile rear axle which is subjected to torque and certain impact force, and is one of the main parts to transmit the power. In the working process, the torque transmitted from the main reducer and differential is transmitted to the driving wheel, which plays the role of transmitting the engine torque and driving the rear axle conical teeth to drive the wheel forward, and the spline is subject to both sliding and impact.

The service life of the half shaft depends on the compressive capacity of the spline teeth. It requires high static torsional strength and torsional fatigue life, good fatigue resistance and impact toughness, deep hardening layer, etc. to meet the normal needs of the solid half shaft.

The automobile half axle is usually made of medium carbon steel or medium carbon alloy steel, etc., and tempered or normalized. In order to prevent quenching crack, the cooling method of immersion in oil or water is used. The medium frequency quenching method using water, polyvinyl alcohol or polyether solution as the cooling medium can effectively inhibit the occurrence of quenching crack. Generally, the truck adopts the full floating half shaft, and the easily damaged part is at the connection between the rod and flange, or the Impact Torsional spline and the connection between the spline and the rod, resulting in fatigue fracture. Its service life mainly depends on the compression and wear resistance of the spline teeth. The passenger car is a semi floating semi axle.

For small cars, 40Cr and 40MnB are mostly used. For half shafts with diameter less than 40mm, medium carbon quenched and tempered steels such as 40 and 45 are used. For heavy cars, alloy structural steels with high hardenability are used, such as 40Cr, 40CrMn, 40MnB, 40CrMo, 40CrNiMo, 47mnti, 40CrMnMo, 40crmnti and 40crni.

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