Characteristics and advantages of gas type annealing furnace

Features and advantages of gas type annealing furnace:

The continuous operation of the mesh belt is used to transport the workpiece, through the temperature controlled heating zone, so as to achieve the purpose of tempering the workpiece.

The utility model has the following characteristics and advantages: using high-strength stainless steel wire to weave the mesh belt, long service life; simple and reliable transmission mechanism, stepless adjustable mesh belt speed; using large impeller forced circulation fan, the air flow speed of the furnace is accelerated, the heat transfer efficiency is improved, and the furnace temperature is even;

It is convenient to replace the electric heating elements without removing the furnace top and shell; the furnace lining is made of aluminum silicate fiber cotton with good heat preservation performance; the high-precision instrument is adopted with reliable performance and convenient operation. This furnace is especially suitable for mass production of all kinds of standard parts, bearings, bicycle parts, hardware, textile parts, etc. It can form automatic assembly line with mesh belt quenching furnace and cleaning machine. Power: 20-90kw, rated temperature: 600 ℃.

Application: suitable for tempering of chain, standard bicycle parts and tools.

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