Causes of substandard hydraulic oil filtration by vacuum oil filter

The reasons why the hydraulic oil still fails to meet the standard after filtering through the vacuum oil filter are as follows:


1. High oil moisture content.

2. Insufficient oil heating.

3. The filter screen of the vacuum oil filter is damaged.

4. The vacuum oil filter equipment has not been cleaned when used again.

5. Oil filter vacuum is too low.

Solutions for substandard hydraulic oil filtration:

If the water content is too high, the coalescence oil filter can be used for pre-filtration. After removing the large water content, impurity and small molecule water can be removed.

The reason why the oil heating temperature is not enough is that the vacuum oil filter factory did not do experiments on the viscosity of the medium in the design, resulting in a small power, the treatment effect can not reach; Through the research and development experiment, the new heater was developed aiming at the contamination degree of different oil viscosity, such as hydraulic oil, transformer oil and lubricating oil, which would not be dry burned or the heating oil temperature was not enough.

The filter screen damage of the vacuum oil filter machine is recommended to replace the filter screen, and the filter screen specifications and parameters of each manufacturer are different, it is also recommended to directly find the chongqing oil filter factory to purchase;

After filtering oil, the oil filter needs to drain the internal oil. Otherwise, the oil in the equipment will be easily contaminated by water and impurities in the air, which will easily lead to the contamination of the rest oil in the next use. It is recommended to replace the filter element and clean the oil filter when using other oil filters;

Vacuum filter oil machine is to clean under the vacuum state, if the vacuum degree is not enough, can only be the manufacturer's equipment is unqualified, change equipment or maintenance!

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