Causes of explosion in oil quenching vacuum furnace

Vacuum furnace is one of the most widely used equipment in heat treatment industry. With the development of modern industry, it is required to improve the quality of workpiece. Low pressure vacuum carburizing vacuum furnace is replacing the traditional heat treatment equipment and becoming the most mainstream equipment in the heat treatment industry. However, in the actual production and application of vacuum furnace, occasionally heard the vacuum furnace manufacturer mention the explosion accident of vacuum furnace, which brings great hidden danger to the safety production. Today, a simple analysis is made on the cause of the explosion of the vacuum oil quenching furnace, hoping to provide some reference for the equipment purchase and production operation of the vacuum furnace manufacturers in the future.

First of all, after the oil level in the oil quenching vacuum furnace reaches the oil tank under the standard basket, the direct distance between the oil level and the oil tank should be at least 100 mm. If the distance is less than 100 mm, the temperature of the oil level will be relatively high, which may cause the explosion of the vacuum furnace.

Second, before pouring the oil into the vacuum oil quenching furnace, nitrogen should be introduced, but air should not be introduced. In order to save cost, many vacuum furnace manufacturers do not introduce nitrogen. In addition, it is better to put nitrogen into the workpiece before discharging, otherwise it is easy to cause explosion of vacuum furnace equipment.

Third, when the oil comes out, the temperature of the workpiece exceeds the limit. At this time, once the vacuum quenching oil enters the air or oxygen, it will evaporate and explode.

Fourth, no matter what the heat treatment equipment itself is, the quality of vacuum quenching oil itself will also cause explosion accidents, such as quenching oil with low flash point and ignition point.

Fifth, the size and shape of the workpiece quenched in the vacuum oil quenching furnace is also one of the reasons for the explosion.

Therefore, vacuum furnace manufacturers should pay attention to prevent accidents caused by these reasons.

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