Causes of excessive energy consumption in heat treatment

Heat treatment technology has a long history, which can be traced back to ancient times. But it is the development of modern mechanical industry that really promotes the rapid development of Shunde heat treatment theory and application. With the development of modern mechanical industry and the improvement of performance requirements for various parts, how to tap the potential performance of materials, improve the performance level and service life of materials, put forward higher requirements for heat treatment, and promote the development of heat treatment theory, technology and equipment.

Due to the late start of China's industry, the current level of heat treatment equipment is generally backward, with low efficiency, large energy consumption and serious energy waste. According to the analysis of the investigation results, the main reasons for the excessive energy consumption of heat treatment are as follows.

Causes of excessive energy consumption in heat treatment

According to statistical data, the load rate of heat treatment equipment in China is generally low, and the load of equipment in many manufacturers is less than 50%. The reason for low load rate and low equipment utilization rate is that Shunde heat treatment production is too scattered, there are many plants and the task is generally insufficient, and the equipment capacity is far greater than the actual needs, the consequences of this kind of large horse drawn car cause a lot of waste of energy, so in view of this situation, according to the industrial development of various regions, a professional heat treatment plant of corresponding scale will be established, and heat treatment will be carried out The current situation of excessive industry consumption has changed a lot.

The low utilization rate of equipment results in the poor production continuity, which results in the low utilization rate of equipment. In general heat treatment process, if the production continuity is poor, the time used for heating up and molten salt accounts for half of the time. If the auxiliary time is long, the effective utilization rate of equipment will not be high.

The heating equipment is old, the technical performance is backward, the thermal efficiency of the heating equipment is low, the heat loss is large, the insulation performance of the furnace lining material is poor, and the heat absorption is also large. For example, in the current heat treatment equipment, there are still a large number of early products, and the thermal efficiency of these equipment is low, so we must seriously carry out technical transformation, strengthen the development and application of new equipment, in order to save energy consumption.

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