Cause analysis of pressure sintering furnace accident

Every business city tells employees to put safety first. Today, this article will analyze the cause of the pressure sintering furnace accident. Analysis of causes of accident in pressure sintering furnace: different layout, different materials, poor welding quality, poor strength of compression elements, etc.

The device does not meet the technical requirements, the scale of enron accessories is not accurate, the quality is not good and other reasons for the device modification or repair. In the process of operation, the operation is not good due to overpressure, overload, temperature, violation of labor rules, illegal manipulation, failure to carry out regular inspection after exceeding the inspection period, and operator's ignorance of the process.

If a huge accident occurs in the emergency step of pressure sintering furnace, the emergency plan should be activated to maintain the site and clarify the relevant leadership and supervision organizations in real time. Pressure sintering furnace in the overpressure, overtemperature environment, should immediately close the inlet valve; If the reaction vessel occurs, stop feeding; In the environment of non-toxic, non-flammable medium, the exhaust pipe should be opened to prevent toxic, flammable and explosive medium. After absorbing the medium, the exhaust pipe should be opened to discharge the medium to the safety.

When the overtemperature causes overpressure, in addition to the recovery of the steps, but also water cooling. When pressure sintering furnace body leakage or the first valve leakage should be in accordance with the difference of the container medium to adopt special plugging technology and plugging material.

In fact, this problem is rarely caused by equipment failure, so it is necessary to reduce the frequency of pressure sintering furnace accidents at very high flood levels, and enhance technical training and ideological education for employees.

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