Carbonitriding process definition and advantages

In the process of mechanical manufacturing, many metal workpieces are processed by the carbonitriding process. The so-called carbonitriding treatment refers to the chemical surface heat treatment process that simultaneously infiltrates carbon and nitrogen into the metal steel surface. It is widely used, mainly because carbonitriding is a chemical heat treatment process that mainly infiltrates carbon and nitrogen at the same time. To a certain extent, it overcomes the problem that the hardness of the nitrided layer is high but the carburized layer is shallow, while the hardness of the carburized layer is deep but the surface hardness is low Shortcomings.

The mechanical properties of gas carbonitriding take into account the advantages of carburizing layer and nitriding layer. Compared with the carburized layer, the surface hardness is higher, the wear resistance is better, and it also has certain corrosion resistance, and the residual compressive stress of the carburized layer increases the fatigue limit of the steel; compared with the carburized layer, the depth of the carburized layer is deep, and the surface brittleness is small.

As the penetration of nitrogen improves the hardenability of the carburized layer, the lower carburizing temperature and slower cooling medium can be used for quenching after the carburizing, which reduces the deformation of the die, and the austenite grain is finer than carburizing, which improves the core toughness of the die parts.

The rate of gas carbonitriding is faster than that of carburizing or nitriding alone, which shortens the production cycle.

Carbonitriding is suitable for die parts with good toughness, high surface hardness and good wear resistance, such as punch and die in plastic die and blanking die. The induction heating equipment can be customized according to the actual needs of users. After being processed by the induction heating equipment, the deformation can be effectively controlled, the surface metallographic structure can be improved, and the uneven carburizing and hardening of low carbon steel can be improved.

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