Carbon black burning process in multi-purpose furnace

1. Reduce the furnace temperature to 820 ~ 850 ℃.

2. When the furnace temperature is stable, open the front door.

3. Close carbon potential control, methanol and propane shut-off valves, nitrogen shut-off valves and air supply to the room after stopping.

4. Close carbon potential control, safety nitrogen shut-off valve and air supply to the room after stopping.

5. Open the middle door for 50-100mm and keep it for about 2 hours. Start to burn carbon black. Pay attention to the change of furnace temperature during the process of burning carbon black. If the furnace temperature rises too fast to over 880 ℃, close the middle door in time and wait for the furnace temperature to reach the normal value before opening the middle door. (carbon black can also be burned without opening the middle door, and it has the same effect after the air supply of the room is stopped for 4-6 hours.)

6. After burning carbon black, close the middle door.

7. Open the safety nitrogen and control the flow at 3 ~ 5M3 / h.

8. Turn on "air supply on" and carry out the next operation according to the air infiltration procedure.

Note: when there is a large amount of carbon black deposition in the furnace, it will destroy the carburizing process, affect the stability of carbon potential control, affect the heat transfer of heating elements, and reduce the service life of elements in the furnace. If there is more carbon deposition in the furnace, it must be burned out in time. It is recommended to burn the carbon black once every three weeks or so. If the carbon black deposition speed is fast, the cycle of burning the carbon black should be shortened appropriately.


1. End the working cycle of multi-purpose furnace and unload the workpiece.

2. Open the front door.

3. Turn off the air supply. Close the methanol and propane stop valves.

4. Generally, the carbon black burning operation can be considered when the boiler is shut down. If the carbon black is not burned, the middle door should be opened for 50 ~ 100mm and kept for a certain time to burn out the combustible atmosphere in the furnace.

5. It is recommended to reduce the furnace temperature to 800 ℃ for heat preservation in case of short-term shutdown. Turn off the heating control when the boiler is shut down for a long time.

6. When the furnace temperature is below 400 ℃. Close the safety nitrogen stop valve, close all process medium main control valves, and remove the red bend in the air supply pipeline (if the boiler is shut down for a long time).

7. When the furnace temperature drops below 200 ℃, you can turn off the "inverter power on", turn off the circulation fan in the front room and the rear room, turn off the oil cooling pump and the oil cooling fan, and turn off the main switch of the power supply.

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