Carbon black burning in box type multi-purpose furnace

How to make sure that the box type multi-purpose furnace burns carbon black?

When there is a large amount of carbon black deposition in the furnace, it will destroy the carburizing reaction process, affect the stability of carbon potential control, affect the heat transfer of heating elements, and reduce the service life of components in the furnace. If there is much carbon deposition in the furnace, it should be burned out in time. It is recommended to burn the carbon black once every three weeks or so. If the carbon black deposition speed is fast, the cycle of burning the carbon black should be shortened appropriately. Multi purpose furnace carbon black burning process:

1. Reduce the furnace temperature to 820-850 ℃;

2. When the furnace temperature is stable, open the front door, then close the stop valve of the front door fire curtain ignition burner, and the fire curtain will automatically extinguish;

3. Close carbon potential control, methanol and acetone shut-off valves, nitrogen shut-off valves and air supply to the chamber after stopping;

4. Open the middle door for 50-100mm, keep it for about 2 hours, and start to burn carbon black. Pay attention to the change of furnace temperature in the process of burning carbon black.

If the furnace temperature rises rapidly or more, close the middle door and open the middle door again after the furnace temperature drops; (the middle door can also not be opened when burning carbon black, and it has the same effect when the air supply of the room is stopped for 4-6 hours.)

5. Close the middle door after burning carbon black;

We have a small trick is to process a furnace of relatively low carbon potential workpiece quenching after a period of time. We have a 0.25% C workpiece, 880 degree quenching. At this time, only the carrier gas can reach the required carbon potential, in fact, it is almost equivalent to burning carbon. But if we want to have a long-term carbon potential and process a workpiece, it is not easy to do so.

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