Can the oil filter filter acetylene

I can tell you for sure, yes! Vacuum oil filter is aimed at removing impurity, degassing and dehydration of oil products. It can quickly remove free gas and dissolved gas.

Can the oil filter filter acetylene

Why can't you degassing with a vacuum oil filter?

There are two reasons why the oil filter produces acetylene.

1. Unreasonable heating power design of the heater, resulting in local heating;

2. Unreasonable use of oil pump

Then how does the vacuum oil filter remove the gas?

First of all, in the vacuum state, the evaporation tank is equipped with degassing device, can effectively remove the gas and water, the designed transformer oil vacuum oil filter can completely remove acetylene clean, is because our product design is different from others!

What's the difference between ZL-JS series oil filter and others' transformer oil filter? Two points for you today:

Firstly, a heater is designed for oil products. The power and heating length of the heater are applied to the oil filter through experiments, so that the heater will not dry burn or generate local heat.

Secondly, for the oil pump system, some manufacturers will use gear pump filter transformer oil, oil pump friction will produce acetylene. This is greatly undesirable! Possibly the acetylene content of oil does not decrease but increases! We use The German Leibao imported Roots oil pump, which not only greatly improves the vacuum concentration, but also improves the filtration efficiency.

To sum up, a good oil filter manufacturers can filter acetylene, and greatly improve the quality of oil!

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