CADI isothermal quenching production line

This series of CADI austempering production line is the first domestic austempering production line developed by our company with independent intellectual property rights, which is mainly used for austempering heat treatment of austempered ductile iron steel balls. This equipment has high degree of automation and can adjust the production rhythm and process parameters according to production needs, It can meet the requirements of heat treatment for parts of different sizes and weights. The dimensions of typical steel ball workpieces are ¢ 60 - ¢ 150; the weight of a single piece is 2-7kg / piece.

This series of CADI Austempered heat treatment production line is composed of austenitizing heat treatment furnace, nitrate quenching tank, nitrate heat treatment furnace, smoke exhaust system, cleaning device, tray return channel, temperature control system and Siemens PLC automatic control system. The whole production line is equipped with reliable mechanical transmission device, high-quality and high-precision temperature control system. It is a high reliable, high-quality and intelligent heat treatment production line.

Siemens PLC automatic control is adopted for heating and action, high precision of action coordination among various processes, wide range of process adjustment, and different process parameters can be set to adapt to CADI isothermal quenching of different specifications of austempered ductile iron.

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