Box type resistance furnace in laboratory

The furnace structure of the box type resistance furnace is built with mullite light brick, and the high and low level of the furnace is covered with silicon carbide shed plate. The heat in the furnace is that the heating elements are transmitted through silicon carbide shed plate in the heating process (dark fire heating), and the heat is more symmetrical. Furnace shell sealing. In order to popularize the service life of the sealing gasket, a circulating water-cooling sleeve is arranged at the door of the furnace to increase the heat degree of the sealing place. The air inlet is set at the bottom of the furnace. After preheating by the heating chamber, it enters the furnace in several places, and the exhaust gas is discharged through the rear of the furnace top. Ensure the air in the furnace is even and reduce the time difference in the furnace. There is a gas flow meter on the gas path jacket, which is used to control the air flow in abnormal use.

The door of the box type resistance furnace in the laboratory adopts the water cooling of the round type. Water inlet and outlet joints are provided. The electrical system of the box type resistance furnace in the laboratory adopts the integrated structure with the furnace body. The whole electrical components are installed on one side of the bottom of the furnace body, with compact structure and small occupation space. The temperature control device is on the side panel of the furnace body. The inspection is intuitive and the adjustment is inconvenient. The temperature controller has PID adjustment performance, can actively track and set the PID value, can arbitrarily set the measurement index code, and has the same sound compensation performance, which can unify the furnace heat and the predicted value. The temperature control form: the chamber type resistance furnace in the laboratory adopts the imported skills, and has the ability of soft start, soft shut-off and silicon controlled phase-shift voltage regulation , 0 ~ 98% of the input can be adjusted, and all kinds of measuring switches on the panel have corresponding Chinese signs.

The box type resistance furnace in the laboratory is an advanced test facility, which is applicable to the loose riveting of nonmetal, nano, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, battery pack, etc. and the heating facility for air heat solution under the cover of real large gas. The box type resistance furnace in laboratory is mainly used for data trial, decomposition, sintering, etc. The box resistance furnace in the laboratory has good fresh-keeping performance and remarkable energy-saving motivation. The chamber type resistance furnace can also be used for vacuum hot pressing sintering of composite materials, powder materials, structural ceramics and alloys.

Rapid cooling of box resistance furnace in laboratory:

1. Nitrogen is introduced into the box type resistance furnace in the laboratory to take away the heat of sintering products.

2. The bottom opening of the box type resistance furnace and the gap of the cold end of the silicon molybdenum rod constitute the gas convection, which can remove the heat of the box type furnace itself.

3. In the method of cyclic air cooling, when freezing, the nitrogen charged into the furnace is pumped into the condensing tower, and then sent into the box type resistance furnace in the laboratory. Attention shall be paid to the disclosure of nitrogen and the use of cyclic insurance.

4. It is a kind of operation state that every laboratory box type resistance furnace company needs to innovate the progress of icing and popularize the corresponding operation efficiency. It is also a promotion of material appearance. The new step is to use the new technology to input new production scheme.

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