Box type multi-purpose furnace working principle

The box type multi-purpose furnace production line is mainly used for gas carburizing direct quenching of workpieces, gas carburizing quenching with intermediate cooling, gas cooling under gas carburizing protection, re carburizing, carbonitriding and quenching, nitrocarburizing (soft nitriding), isothermal quenching, bright normalizing, bright annealing, brazing and sintering.

The workpiece is prepared on the material table, and then sent to the degreasing furnace for preheating through the loading and unloading trolley, and then to the multi-purpose sealed box furnace to complete the carburizing and quenching process. Clean the washing machine and send it back to the furnace to complete the tempering process.

The production line of box type multi-purpose furnace consists of multi-purpose sealed box furnace, tempering furnace, degreasing furnace, cleaning machine, loading and unloading trolley, material preparation platform, etc. it can be arranged in different combinations according to the user's requirements to form a flexible and adaptable flexible heat treatment production line.

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