Box resistance furnace heat treatment technology

Box resistance furnace introduction of heat treatment technology

The box type resistance furnace is generally used in schools, laboratories, laboratories, factories and many other enterprises, the application of heat treatment of box type resistance furnace and glass firing, etc. it can also be used for general small steel quenching, annealing, tempering and other heat treatment heating. Of course, the box type resistance furnace can also be used as metal, ceramics, dissolution, analysis and other high heat use.

Box resistance furnace heat treatment technology

The products of box type resistance furnace can only operate under high temperature conditions, so what we want to think about is that it must pass the high temperature test, of course, this test is not acceptable for any equipment, like general equipment, although it can withstand the high temperature baking, but to achieve the advantage of box type resistance furnace can still be negligible, even if the result is We must rely on the box type resistance furnace to produce some products. Today we are going to talk about a very important part of the production and operation of the box type electric furnace is heat treatment. Of course, why the box type resistance furnace can withstand high temperature can be seen in the following introduction of heat treatment technology structure.

Heat treatment technology introduction to the structure

1. The shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is treated with plastic spraying technology, and the furnace door is of side open layout with sensitive opening and closing.

2. The closed furnace is selected as the medium temperature box furnace, and the electric heating alloy wire is used as the heating element to make the spiral shape, which is surrounded by the four walls of the furnace. The furnace temperature evenly extends the service life when the heat is dissipated.

3. The high temperature tube resistance furnace adopts the high temperature combustion tube, and the silicon carbide rod is used as the heating element in the outer shell of the furnace.

4. The high temperature box type resistance furnace uses the silicon carbon rod as the heating element, which is directly installed in the furnace, with high heat utilization rate.

5. The insulation materials of this series of resistance furnaces use lightweight foam insulation brick and aluminum silicate fiber cotton to reduce the heat storage and thermal conductivity, resulting in the reduction of heat storage time, low surface temperature rise, low loss rate of air furnace and greatly reduced power consumption.

6. The controller is divided into pointer type, digital display type and microcomputer multi band control type

After reading the above structure introduction, I believe you should have a better understanding of why the product can withstand high temperature. If you still don't understand, you can ask the experts, and the editor will write this.

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