Box furnace installation and start-up operation

Box furnace installation operation

1. Open the packing box, check whether the equipment is in good condition, and check whether the supporting accessories are complete according to the packing list.

2. The equipment shall be placed in a place with air circulation, no vibration, no flammable, explosive gas or high dust.

3. Please use the working power supply voltage that matches the purchased equipment, and install the air switch that matches the working current of the furnace body to connect the grounding protection wire reliably. Do not introduce high voltage to avoid damage to the instrument and control line.

4. After installation, power on the test machine.

Box furnace start operation

1. Boot sequence

1) enter the main power supply, turn on the LOCK switch and the instrument will be turned on;

2) input temperature control program curve. At the end of the curve, always set the closing line "txx-121".

3) press the green turn-on button, and hear a "bang", the main relay sucks.

4) hold down the key on the instrument for 2 seconds, SV displays "Run", and put into the automatic control state of the instrument.

5) users equipped with communication software can connect the data cable.

6) if the deviation cannot be eliminated after a period of operation (generally around 200℃~300℃), or if the temperature control program runs with too low temperature control accuracy, too large deviation, or the temperature swings up and down are too ordinary, you can use the self-setting function in the 80﹪ section of * high temperature to help determine the M5, P, t control parameters.

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