Basic operating procedures for heat treatment

Heat treatment refers to a kind of metal heat treatment process in which materials are heated, insulated and cooled in solid state to obtain expected structure and properties. Nantong heat treatment process generally includes three processes: heating, heat preservation and cooling, sometimes only heating and cooling. These processes are interlinked and uninterrupted. Nantong heat treatment is one of the important processes in the manufacturing process of mechanical parts and tooling. Generally speaking, Nantong heat treatment can guarantee and improve various properties of workpieces, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It can also improve the structure and stress state of the blank, so as to facilitate all kinds of cold and hot processing.

Let's understand the basic operation procedures of heat treatment:

1. Clean the operation site, check whether the power supply, measuring instruments and various switches are normal, and whether the water source is unobstructed.

2. Operators shall wear labor protection articles, otherwise there will be danger.

3. Turn on the universal change-over switch of the control power supply, raise and lower the temperature in stages according to the technical requirements of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment and keep the equipment in good condition.

4. Pay attention to the furnace temperature and mesh belt speed regulation of heat treatment furnace, master the temperature standards required for different materials, ensure the hardness of workpiece, surface straightness and oxide layer, and do a good job in safety.

5. Pay attention to the furnace temperature and mesh belt speed regulation of tempering furnace, open the exhaust air, so that the workpiece can meet the quality requirements after tempering.

6. We should stick to our posts in our work.

7. Necessary fire fighting equipment shall be equipped, and familiar with the use and maintenance methods.

8. When the machine is stopped, check that all control switches are in the closed state, and then turn off the universal transfer switch.

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