Ball valve heat treatment

What are the applications of ball valve heat treatment in locomotive industry

Ball valve heat treatment in large locomotive manufacturing has been adopted, greatly improve the working life of the locomotive, mainly is the locomotive of heat treatment of large crankshaft and locomotive diesel engine cylinder liner and the locomotive main heat treatment of reeds, their mold manufacturing complex, precision demand is high, a variety of shapes and applied widely, but often because of the mould life short and increased the cost of repair is difficult; In addition, the use of laser heat treatment on the surface of the mold, has been gradually recognized and adopted, can be doubled to improve the life of the mold, and is not limited by the shape and size.

High energy beam surface heat treatment such as ball valve laser is a new method developed in recent years. The hardened layer of 0.30 ~ 3.0mm can be obtained by laser heating. Compared with other surface hardening methods, the hardened layer has the advantages of depth and position control ^ and no deformation. The martensite of high carbon chromium bearing steel parts hardened by laser on the surface is very small, the carbide distribution is more uniform, the residual austenite is very few, and has higher hardness and sliding wear resistance than general quenching and tempering. In addition, laser and other high-energy beam can also be used as a heat source for the surface coating process, which can complete the surface quenching and coating process at one time. Especially with the development of nanotechnology in recent years, this composite process will have a broad application prospect in the surface treatment of precision bearing parts.

Because the crankshaft that the ball valve heat treatment has shown its superiority more and more, each kind of high power CO2 comes out ceaselessly, some large enterprises introduce foreign advanced equipment at no cost. At the same time, the domestic high-power CO2 equipment sales are also doubling every year, the production line has been developed in various places. At present, some successful examples include changzhou heat treatment plant, which is used in the production line of locomotive crankshaft, cylinder liner and vertical reed. In addition, laser processing centers of different scales have been set up all over the country to conduct heat treatment for machine parts of various industries.

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