BYL series on-line oil filter with on-load tap switch

BYL series online oil filter of transformer on-load tap-changer machine used for transformer on-load tap-changer is the bypass circulation filter, it can under the condition of the normal operation of transformer system, can undertake filtering timing to switch the oil, or in regulating switch action, automatically switch oil for filtering, online filter oil machine when the loop filter can effectively remove free carbon in the oil, moisture, oxide and impurities, ensures that the switch oil oil. It ensures the insulation strength of the switch oil, increases the switching times, prolongs the maintenance cycle, reduces the outage times, ensures the voltage quality, and improves the safety and reliability of on-load tap switch.

BYL series on-line oil filter with on-load tap switch

The on - line oil filter for BYL series transformers is usually permanently installed near the on - load tap changer (wall mounted or side fixed). It is used as a special equipment with a variety of flow and different functional accessories to choose from. Suitable for all kinds of on-load switches.


All-weather box, stainless steel.

Standard control box made of stainless steel.

Remote monitoring system, operation status and filter element status display.

Motor positive and negative rotation control, motor start overload, missing phase protection device.

Equipped with temperature relay, adjustable from 50% to 100%.

The oil filter will start automatically once the tap switch ACTS. The operating time can be set according to needs. The oil filter time is generally set to 30 minutes (0 ~ 99 hours). The other way is daily regular filtering, and the running time is generally set at 2 hours. The two running modes can be selected separately.

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