Attention must be paid to the purchase of vacuum freeze dryer

Vacuum freeze dryer in the purchase of these requirements must be paid attention to

Vacuum freeze-drying machine is suitable for drying raw materials, Chinese medicine slices, biology, wild vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, food, fruit, chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and other materials. Freeze-vacuum drying is a new box structure introduced by the vacuum freeze-dryer, which combines the refrigeration system, vacuum system, heat-conducting oil heating system and dehumidification system.

Working principle of vacuum freeze dryer:

After starting up, the material is put into the material box for freezing. During the freezing process of the material, on the one hand, the vacuum system vacuums to take away part of the water. On the other hand, when the material is frozen, the water content of some molecules is discharged to the surface of the material for freezing. After reaching the freezing requirements, the material is heated and dried by the heating system, and the moisture contained in the material is taken to the freezing trap box for freezing by vacuums, so as to meet the requirements of freeze-drying.

Introduction to the purchase requirements of vacuum freeze dryer:

The selection of compressor selection refrigeration system is very important for the quality of vacuum freeze-dryer. Cooling cycle water cooler system can be said to be the core of the freeze dryer, in the selection of compressors there will be water cooled freeze dryer, air cooled freeze dryer and SMD freeze dryer.

In general, the water - cooled freeze-drying machine is mainly used with a fully enclosed compressor. Because of the closed compressor power is small, the price is relatively cheap; Air - cooled freeze-dryer generally USES semi - closed compressor; Air-cooled freeze-drying machine with a semi-closed compressor, in the selection, also can consider the choice of ammonia refrigeration compressor, because ammonia refrigeration compressor power, and can be a multi-purpose machine, but installation and management more cumbersome.

When selecting the evaporator of freeze-dryer, the high temperature freeze-dryer chooses the air cooler as the evaporator. Medium and low temperature freeze-drying machine choose to use seamless steel tube to make the evaporation tube, its characteristic is the constant temperature effect is good, and can store cold in time.

Freeze-drying machine plays a great role in our factory equipment, especially for the air compressor of the industrial era, the cold drying machine is very good for the air compressor has post-processing function of auxiliary equipment, air compressor efficiency more perfect, give us a good working environment and work efficiency.

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