Application of heat treated metal parts

Application of vacuum heat treatment metal parts

In practical operation, the metal parts that need vacuum heat treatment are the parts that must bear high heat and pressure, such as the engine and exhaust parts of the aircraft, the parts of the land generator and the shell of the car racing car, etc.

These are hard to form parts first, and may require several forming operations to implement the latter part. The advantage of the vacuum heat treatment mentioned here is that it can take some parts that need to be further formed and softened in order to prepare for more. Many vacuum heat treatment processes are to soften or eliminate stress and prepare parts for further forming. Vacuum heat treatment can also make components stronger and stronger, but this is a separate application.

The materials used to form these various components respond well to vacuum heat treatment, including superalloys (heat-resistant materials based on nickel, iron nickel and cobalt nickel), reactive refractories (Haynes and titanium) and various grades of stainless steel. The metal parts of some brass and bronze instruments also need vacuum heat treatment.

These materials also react well to the controlled environment of the treatment process, the parts appear from the heat treatment without scaling or discoloration, and no further cleaning, polishing or cleaning procedures are required before the next operation.

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