Application effect of normalizing furnace

After normalizing, the steel plate was treated by the controlled cooling system, the yield strength and tensile strength were improved, while the plasticity and toughness remained unchanged or slightly decreased. For example, the mechanical properties of ferritic pearlitic steel Q 345E after normal controlled cooling are compared with the normal normalizing process. The yield strength of the steel is increased by 30~ 50MPa, the tensile strength is increased by 20~35MPa, the toughness and plasticity are slightly decreased, and the comprehensive properties are improved, which provides favorable conditions for reducing the alloy content of normalizing steel plate.

Level of low carbon bainite type Q460E steel plate, after often is cold, the yield strength of 420 ~ 460 mpa, the tensile strength of 570 ~ 620 mpa, showed in 0. 7 ~ 0. 75, 25% ~ 30% elongation, Z to the reduction of 40% ~ 60%. The system is applied in wuyang iron and steel co., LTD., 4200 rolling heat treatment line, using the system in the production of 110 mm steel plate has been successfully applied to the main Olympic stadium "bird's nest" project in Beijing. In a middle plate factory, the pass rate of products is about 82% ~ 88% when normal normalizing is used for heat treatment, and the pass rate of products increases to more than 96% after the control cooling system is put into operation.

It is of great significance to improve the performance of medium and thick plate and improve the grade of products. It has a broad application prospect to produce ship plate steel, container steel, bridge steel, boiler steel, low alloy and high strength steel, steel plate for building structure, steel plate for shipbuilding and offshore platform. When steel head by installed in the entrance to the position of the thermometer, the process of computer controlled cooling system based on the measured open cold temperatures and normalizing furnace measured data from the secondary server dynamically setting calculation, after the steel plate controlled cooling system installed in the export location and later after the position of the thermometer, computer will record the process of the steel plate and the steel plate of the cooling water velocity, open mode, final cooling temperature and return temperature measured values, such as red and self-learning model based on the measured values; The model coefficients after learning will be used to calculate the setting of the next piece of steel of the same specification and type.


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